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Sports and Imports LTD | New Motors | Great Falls, MN

Discover What's Wrong With Your Car

Sports and Imports LTD has all the necessary diagnostic equipment to detect the issues and provide effective repair for your car.

We have the ability to diagnose and scan every kind of problem your car may have. From mileage problems to misfires we know what it takes to pinpoint your issues. Fuel gauge is not working? We can tell you why.

Diagnosing any problem

We find the reference number

Get the quickest turnaround times and competitive pricing options


We have different scanners for certain vehicles. Come see for yourself whether we have one for your vehicle.

Diagnostic Diagnostic Diagnostic

Our instruments communicate from the scanner to your part through an OB2 connector, this allows us to find the reference number for your issue and repair the car.


Whether you need grounding, modular, reprogramming or resetting, we can perform it with our scanners. Call us today and we can solve your mileage problems by rebooting your car.